Expat the Easy Way

Expat the Easy Way

Live and work successfully wherever you are

Marinda Seisenberger


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International relocation is a serious step. Lack of preparation and little awareness of what to expect can make it daunting and even dangerous. This book looks at the key dos and don’ts of living and working abroad. Learning the local lingo is a good start, but getting to grips with the nitty-gritty that constitutes daily life is vital for happiness and success. Whether you’re going abroad for your company; for the love of your life; to study; to set up a new business yourself; to simply start a new life elsewhere; or for a gap year; this is your guide to getting it right.


Marinda Seisenberger:
Marinda Seisenberger is an expert on International Communication Culture. As a trainer, speaker and coach, Seisenberger supports and advises her customers on how best to live and work internationally. Her areas of expertise include Managing Diversity, International Teams, Communication and Negotiation Skills, and intercultural pre-and post-departure workshops. An expat herself and the wife of a former expat, Seisenberger has lived and worked in different parts of South Africa, Egypt, Mozambique, Namibia, England and Germany.