Alternatives to Multilateralism

Alternatives to Multilateralism

New Forms of Social and Environmental Governance

Lena Partzsch


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Analysis and case studies of emerging forms of private, public, and hybrid social and environmental governance.

The effects of globalization on governance are complex and uncertain. As markets integrate, governments have become increasingly hesitant to enforce regulations inside their own jurisdictions. At the same time, multilateralism has proven unsuccessful in coordinating states' responses to global challenges. In this book, Lena Partzsch describes alternatives to multilateralism, offering analyses and case studies of emerging--alternative--forms of private, public, and hybrid social and environmental regulation. In doing so, she offers a unique overview of cutting-edge approaches to global governance.


Lena Partzsch:
Lena Partzsch is Professor at the University of Freibeurg and Interim Chair of Comparative Government at the University of Erfurt.