Brain Gains

Brain Gains

So, You Want to Be Your Child’s Learning Coach?

David P. Sortino


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Brain Gains: So, You Want to Be Your Child’s Learning Coach represents the final link to the first two books of the Brain Smart Trilogy. This third book recognizes the learning challenges children face each day in learning environments defined by mandated curriculums, mandated testing and shortened school years. For example, from kindergarten through high school your child will be responsible for assimilating and accommodating different school curriculums regardless that these mandated curriculums often do not take into account the many cognitive and emotional levels of each student. That is, problems can develop for those children who are not academically at the curriculum’s grade level due to multiple challenges and distractions, such as adapting to the peer group, family dynamics or disharmony (divorce, child abuse etc.), delayed physiological social development and cognitive delays that could cause a life time of learning difficulties. Finally, a major strength of this book is that it offers parents and teachers the opportunity to incorporate learning techniques used by myself and other successful learning coaches and learning specialists that readers can employ for specific student learning challenges. Most importantly, parents and teachers will not only have hands-on learning techniques but their students and/or child will receive knowledge catered to their learning needs they can employ for future learning challenges.


David P. Sortino:
Dr. David Sortino has over 40 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, educational consultant and neuroscientist/learning specialist with individuals of all ages. In addition, he has a graduate degree from Harvard University, where he studied with his advisor, the late Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg. He is the father of two girls.