Why Are You Saved?

Why Are You Saved?

Exploring the Depths of God's Grace and Love

David Michael Porter


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Does everything really happen for a reason?

You've heard it a thousand times; "Everything happens for a reason." But does it? If so, then WHY do things happen the way they do? Is God really in control? Does prayer change His mind?

In this book you will search the scriptures to find answers for some of life's most puzzling questions – especially those pertaining to faith and belief. As we seek to explore the depths of God's grace and love, you will come to see that all things are of God, especially in matters related to your salvation and a life-transforming relationship with Him.


David Michael Porter:
David Michael Porter wrote this book at age twenty-nine as a response to many who would knowingly or unknowingly compromise the truth of God’s Word to suit their agendas. This book is also a treatise to all who desire to know God on a deeper level. With an amazing command of Scripture, this young Reformed theologian passionately employs God’s Word to shape minds and hearts.