Hiking in China

Hiking in China

The Joys of Exploring the Middle Kingdom on Foot

Mable-Ann Chang


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Hiking in China is the experience of a lifetime, and a must for the traveler who wants to take the road less traveled and interface with a country that is safe and a culture with a richness that no other can match. Hiking in China explains the history of hiking in China, and introduces some of the more colorful characters associated with perambulation in the Middle Kingdom. Then comes the practical information on traveling in the country, what to carry, how to interact with Chinese people and culture, plus the unique aspects of hiking in this vast and fascinating country. The third part of the book focuses on the specific hikes, designed so that you can find hikes wherever you will be in China, with special attention being given to the history behind the trails and places traversed.


Mable-Ann Chang:
Mable-Ann Chang was born in South Africa and has lived and worked in China for four years. As a journalist, she writes and edits feature stories on economics, policy, and business in China and is a lover of the great outdoors.