In Defense of Plants

In Defense of Plants

An Exploration into the Wonder of Plants (Plant Guide)

Matt Candeias


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What NYT best-selling title The Soul of an Octopus did for the mollusk, In Defense of Plants will do for plants. This book is The Soul of an Octopus meets Urban Jungle. • YouTube: - 4.12K subs • Blog: - 823K pageviews (2019) and 532K unique visitors (2019) • Podcast: - 293K downloads per month (2019) • Instagram: - 15.1K followers (63% women, 37% men/ 45% between the ages of 25-34) • Twitter: - 10.5K followers (60% women, 40% male) Author Website/Blog— The In Defense of Plants blog is seen by over 100K people each year. Matt will use the blog portion of his website to promote the book and announce any promotional deals that are related to purchase of In Defense of Plants Speaking Dates—Matt gives multiple talks each year to a variety of special interest groups including gardening clubs, nature centers, academic departments, and botanical societies. Following completion of his PhD, he plans on taking on far more speaking engagements, which will greatly expand his ability to promote In Defense of Plants. Social Media—Matt has a very active social media presence. Between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, In Defense of Plants has gained an estimated following of 73,000 followers. By generating regular content related to In Defense of Plants, Matt will be able to greatly expand the potential market for this book. In Defense of Plants Podcast— Matt’s weekly podcast averages around 280,000 downloads each month and reaches nearly 100 different countries around the world. Guests on the show regularly note massive upticks in interest via sales, emails, and other forms of public engagement. His audience regularly asks if he has any interest in writing a book and therefore running regular ads for In Defense of Plants will have the potential to drive sales to a great degree.


Matt Candeias:

Matt Candeias holds an M.A. in community ecology from SUNY Buffalo State and a PhD in ecology from the University of Illinois. He is the host of the In Defense of Plants Podcast and one of seven authors on Flora: Inside the secret world of plants, a joint publication between the Smithsonian and the Royal Botanical Gargens at Kew. When he’s not tending to his houseplants, find him at yearly botanical talks in garden groups, museums, clubs, and more.