Uncomfortable Minds

Uncomfortable Minds


Larry Sorkin


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“Uncomfortable minds” is Larry’s Sorkin’s riff on poet e.e. cummings ‘ words, “Cambridge ladies who...are unbeautiful and have comfortable mind” which refer to the conceit that uncomfortable minds are universal to all human beings. Larry Sorkin’s collection of poems—sometimes joyful, sometimes elegiac—explore the idea of the restless, uncomfortable state as either something we can run from, try to fix, or embrace. Each poem in the collection explores some disturbance in the psyche, with poetry as a way to confront the disturbance, use it, embrace it.


Larry Sorkin:
Larry Sorkin is a some-of-the-time Charlotte, North Carolina poet, a part-time business man and an occasional performer of poetry with the classical music group, The Bechtler Ensemble. He presents workshops exploring the connections between poetry and fine arts, dance, music and depth psychology. He is a summer poet in residence at the Airy Knoll Arts Project. Poetry didn’t come to Sorkin until his forties when he fell under the infectious influence of Robert Bly. He considers it a calling to spread the passion. He often holds up on his ridgetop overlooking the Piedmont, daydreaming into the fields and onto paper.