Finding Meaning and Success

Finding Meaning and Success

Living a Fulfilled and Productive Life

Chris Palmer


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This book will help you design and create the best version of yourself. It will give you the chance to shape the kind of person you want to be, and to articulate the goals you want to achieve in your life, both professionally and personally. It will help you behave in ways that are true to your most honorable and generous self.

It is a practical guide for people who are interested in leading a more meaningful and successful life, or helping others to do so. It teaches you how to author your own life and how to make commitments to yourself and others that will transform your life for the better.

You’ll learn to reflect on your life, think about what really matters to you, and how to create a personal mission statement. You’ll think about your values, articulate your goals, and manage your time effectively. You’ll explore what it means to live an examined life. At the end of each chapter, there are questions to think about and actions to take that reinforce the key messages.


Chris Palmer:

Chris Palmer is an author, speaker, wildlife filmmaker, and retired professor. He serves on the Board of Montgomery Hospice, runs an “aging well” group for the Bethesda Metro Area Village, and is a hospice volunteer. During his filmmaking career, he swam with dolphins and whales, came face-to-face with sharks and Kodiak bears, camped with wolf packs, and waded hip-deep through Everglade swamps. This is his seventh book. All proceeds from his books go to fund scholarships for students at American University.