Agriculture And Waste Management For Sustainable Future

Agriculture And Waste Management For Sustainable Future


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In this book the author has selected important topics like global warming, e-wastes management, solid waste management, organic farming, vermicomposting and alternatives to fossil fuels. Lot of information and data are included for the benefit of science and engineering students as well as research scholars working on these lines. Hope this book will be useful to them as reference book and will be a priced collection for their own library. All the topics are debatable, some say in favour while other say against of it while the author has tried to analyze all topics from scientific background. Global warming, though not agreed by many people, has already started showing its symptoms by irregular rains, hot summer in some places while cold winter somewhere else indicating the imbalance of nature. A systematic, low cost and employment generating approach has been discussed to manage the solid waste menace of the urban locality. Easy vermicomposting technique and its prospects and problems are discussed in detail for the benefit of people. The necessity of alternatives to petroleum fuel for keeping the wheels of nations progress always in dynamic speed has also been narrated with facts and figures. Hope, all these will attract the readers to refer the book in different perspective