Through the Eyes of Shadow – One Man’s Journey to PTSD

Through the Eyes of Shadow – One Man’s Journey to PTSD

Greg Dean


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Through the Eyes of Shadow - One Man's Journey to PTSD is a lesson for anybody who is wanting to understand where all of our personal suffering in life begins and how we can heal our minds to connect to a deeper, positive purpose in life. The story told here is one you played a pivotal role in without ever realizing. This story is told through the eyes of Craig Whitney, a boy who we all raised to become the violent man he grew into, who eventually developed PTSD and attempt to take his own life while in the depths of his despair. Craig Whitney was raised as a child to commit violence upon thousands of animals for society's benefit, but now actively fights to save and rescue those same animals he once took the lives of. This journey takes through his darkness to become a compassionate warrior, assisting other violent men to reconnect to their empathy and educate others that all sentient beings deserve to live free from harm. This book provides you with a deep insight to the consequences to your everyday actions and how, with just a few small changes, you can create a positive future for yourself and the world around you, to remove your own personal suffering and move forward to a deeper connection to life. Without even realizing you played a vital part in his childhood to adulthood and so many others like him. This fascinating journey into Craig Whitney's life will have you questioning everything you were taught growing up about the consequences of what we purchase and consume and overall, how we can move forward with a peaceful, kind heart, understanding that our own suffering is directly connected to the suffering we force upon others for our brief pleasures.


Greg Dean:
Greg Dean is a self-help coach assisting men, in particular, to create a deeper connection to life through the humorous and genuine moments in our lives