Ethnography in the Raw

Ethnography in the Raw

Life in a Luzon Village

Brian Moeran


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Ethnography in the Raw describes the author’s encounters with the Philippine family into which he has married, his wife’s friends and acquaintances, and their lives in a remote rural village in the rice basin of Luzon, about 130 miles northeast of Manila. The book links detailed descriptions of his Philippine family with cultural practices such as circumcision, marriage and cockfights combined with theoretical musings on the concepts of sacrifice, social exchange, patron-client relations, food, and religious symbolism. It is both anthropological fieldwork ‘in the raw,’ and an incisive analysis of contemporary Philippine society and culture.


Brian Moeran:

Brian Moeran is a seasoned anthropologist who has been professor at various universities in England, Denmark, and Hong Kong. His other books include Ōkubo Diary: Portrait of a Japanese Valley (Routledge, 2010).