The Adventures of Hiccup and Ribbit

The Adventures of Hiccup and Ribbit

Esther Billoups


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Jaylen (Hiccup) and Larry (Ribbit) are cousins. They are 8-days apart, in age. Quite energetic and curious about everything, I thought it would be nice, if they agreed, to take them out and expose them to happenings at various venues.

They were playful, they loved their electronic toys and animals. Larry had exposure to two-dogs at his home. Jaylen, on the other hand, would love to pet dogs on the streets with their owners, and loved TV stories that had animals.

The boys could name the animals on the various TV shows, and I thought it was now time for have one-on-one exposure to real animals.

Today the boys are in day care, both 4 years old. They are in pre-K and they are loving every bit of the learning they are experiencing.