Ignite the Extraordinary (Revised Edition)

Ignite the Extraordinary (Revised Edition)

Your Thrilling Journey to the Growth Frontier

Steve Coats, Tom Heuer


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Ignite the Extraordinary is a leadership book with the express purpose of guiding people through a thrilling and emotional journey to the Growth Frontier. After years of leading, teaching, coaching and investing, the authors have written about the most challenging issue facing businesses today – indifferent, ordinary people working in uninspiring environments. To address this issue, the authors introduce the Sustaining Growth model, a roadmap for helping leaders rouse people out of the debilitating comforts of complacency and inspiring them to move toward greatness. With practical advice and pertinent developmental exercises presented throughout, it serves as a handbook for leaders, striving to bring the best out of themselves and others. The book also focuses on offering coaching and career guidance to young people early in their professions.


Steve Coats: