Doctors' Orders

Doctors' Orders

Poetry and Art

Nina Ruiz


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I'm writing for all of you.

Broken heart only to share the pieces.

The pain is presented with love.

I give you my all.

Why me? Well, why not?


I'd do it all over again.

Without the weight,

I'd have no strength.

It's never just going to be easy.

We are survivors.

It feels so much better because we are.

-Nina Ruiz


Nina Ruiz:
Author and poet Nina Ruiz a Bronx native and former actress launches her first poetry and art book “Doctor’s Orders”. An urban/street style of writing with a modern edge. Giving readers an almost smooth music like rhythm. A collection of poems with a little bit of everything from love, loss, heartbreak, joy and transition. Something everyone can relate to and can easily pass a long to others.