Products that Last

Products that Last

Product Design for Circular Business Models

Conny Bakker, Marcel den Hollander


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Products that Flow offers an insight in the short lives of different products with a quickly dropping value. A wide range of practical examples point the way to managing the flows that currently often are out of control. It is a field of interest that many share and for that reason is destined to turn into fertile soil for improvement. Products that Flow will change the way we deal with waste and either prevent it from leaving the circle of utility or render it harmless.


Conny Bakker:
Conny Bakker is full professor of Design Methodology for Sustainability and Circular Economy at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, in the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Her research field is the development of design methods for products that have multiple lifecycles. She explores strategies such as product lifetime extension, reuse, remanufacturing and recycling, and the business models that enable these strategies. A second research interest is the field of user centred sustainable design, which focuses on exploring the relationships between consumer behaviour, sustainability and design. Conny co-leads the European H2020 project ReCiPSS, that helps designers and manufacturers understand how collection, remanufacturing and reuse of products can lead to more profitable, resource-efficient and resilient business practices. She coordinates and teaches several (Bachelor, Master and post-Master) courses in Sustainable Design and Design for the Circular Economy, including a popular MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) which has attracted over 20,000 learners so far.|||As one of the first industrial designers with a Ph.D. in circular product design, Marcel den Hollander works as an independent researcher and industrial design consultant to industry in circular product design and business models for the circular economy. His academic work is anchored in over twenty years of hands-on experience in commercial industrial design for (inter)nationally renowned design studios and clients, designing fast moving consumer goods, such as (food)packaging, durable consumer goods, such as electronics, (office)furniture, and professional products, such as retail in- and exteriors, museum showcases, means of transport, industrial equipment and logistic systems.To pro-actively disseminate the results of his research, Marcel continues to give guest lectures at design and business schools in the Netherlands and present his research at international conferences.