The Ordinary Millionaire

The Ordinary Millionaire

From Poverty to Immigrant to Financial Freedom, Inspired by Dr. Stanley's The Millionaire Next Door

MQ Hana


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The Ordinary Millionaire is intended to show a perspective of a struggling immigrant who grew up in poverty yet became a millionaire within six years after being deep in debt with middle-class incomes for almost two decades.

Just like ordinary Americans, I had made many poor emotional choices trying to keep up with the Joneses…trying to be normal. I then share with you how we implemented other guru’s proven strategies to turn our life around from financial rock bottom.

My main reason for writing this book is to hopefully inspire you to get your finances in order and to pursue your dreams. I would like to impart our actual regimen to maintain a simple lifestyle and invest diligently in order to obtain our wealth.

In the grand scheme of things, becoming a millionaire is only a side effect of our short-term objective—our true aspiration is to be financially independent and retire early like what is often heard in the FIRE movement.