Unbox Your Relationships

Unbox Your Relationships

How to Attract the Right People and Build Relationships that Last (Relationship Advice, Friendships)

Tobias Beck


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Develop Better Communication Techniques for Successful Relationships

“Insightful, funny at times, and creative, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to live their best life...”―Scott MillerWall Street Journal bestselling author and former Chief Marketing Officer at FranklinCovey

We are all connected with more people than ever before. Without guidance, it can be easy to get burdened by a bad relationship. In the follow-up to his international best seller Unbox Your Life, German speaker and consultant Tobias Beck returns with advice on successful relationships through improved communication techniques. 

Inside secrets to successful relationships. The relationship advice offered in this book is the first step toward growing successful relationships. By developing a relationship with yourself, you learn how to forgive the past, find joy, and live in happiness. Becoming a good communicator helps you understand how to attract love, friendships, and bring the right relationships into your life.

Amusing stories, personality types, and relationship advice. Tackling everything from couples communication to friendship feuds, Beck’s model of the four human-animal types is the second step to fostering deeper connections. Designed to help you find out how the people around you are feeling, you will recognize your partner, family, friends, colleagues, and yourself on every page.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • How a positive mindset can affect your relationships
  • Why communication techniques are important in relationships
  • How to become a better communicator

If you’re looking for self-help books or self-empowerment gifts―or enjoyed books like Together, Here to Make Friends, or The Friendship Formula―then you’ll love Unbox Your Relationships.


Tobias Beck:

A former flight attendant with a learning disability, Tobias Beck has become one of Europe’s most-loved speakers. His Bewohnerfrei® (“Liberated”) podcast reaches an audience of millions online, hitting # 1 on the iTunes download charts upon its release. As a university lecturer, he explains, in a humorous fashion, how the principles of success and motivational psychology can work for others too. He also hosts seminars and personal consultations.