We are All Africans Here

We are All Africans Here

Race, Mobilities and West Africans in Europe

Kristín Loftsdóttir


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Europe is often described as ‘flooded’ by migrants or by Muslim ‘others,’ with Western African men especially portrayed as a security risk. At the same time the intensified mobility of privileged people in the Global North is celebrated as creating an increasingly cosmopolitan world.

This book looks critically at racialization of mobility in Europe, anchoring the discussion in the aspiration of precarious migrants from Niger in Belgium and Italy. Their voices show some of the contradictions in current discourses. The book contextualizes their experiences within the ongoing securitization of mobility in their home country and the persistent denial of racism and colonialism that seeks to secure the innocence of Europe.


Kristín Loftsdóttir:

Kristín Loftsdóttir is a Professor at the University of Iceland. She directs the research project “Creating Europe Through Racialized Mobilities” Her research interests include crisis, whiteness, postcolonial Europe, gender, mobility and racism. Her publications include Crisis and Coloniality at Europe’s Margins: Creating Exotic Iceland (2019) and the co-edited volumes Crisis in the Nordic Nations and Beyond (2014) with Lars Jensen and Messy Europe: Crisis, Race, and Nation-State in a Postcolonial World (2018) with Andrea L. Smith, and Brigitte Hipfl.