Dare to Lead Like a Girl

Dare to Lead Like a Girl

How to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate Jungle

Dalia Feldheim


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For women AND men, this fresh look at leadership helps us all learn to connect to our more feminine leadership traits and lead like a girl!

Dare to Lead Like a Girl is a holistic look at how to achieve purpose and joy at work. It is about turning the world of work into a place where empathy, intuition, passion, and resilience take their rightful place, where women can lead like women and men can tap into their more feminine leadership traits and dare to lead (more) like a girl!

Dalia Feldheim was one of the marketing directors behind the 2014 global Always ad campaign “#LikeAGirl.” This message touched a nerve for women and men alike becoming much more than a commercial – as it became an icon for women’s empowerment. The ad was selected by Forbes as one of the 10 most influential campaigns of the decade.

In the commercial, while a young girl understand the phrase ‘run like a girl’ to mean, run as fast as you can, somewhere along the way, doing things “like a girl” becomes an insult. The goal of the commercial was to change the meaning of words and reclaim the phrase to simply mean “be proud of who you are.”

With Dalia’s new book it is time to reclaim that phrase once again and this time in the world of leadership.

It’s time to stop asking our women leaders to lead like men and instead start learning from what is working for our women leaders—and share that wisdom with everyone, men and women alike. Dare toLead Like a Girl is a provocative call to action to all leaders to stop wearing an emotional mask at work and connect to their more feminine leadership traits - owning their passion, perseverance, people skills, and positivity.

With her flare for relatable storytelling, Dalia shares her executive leadership journey of over two decades backed by theoretical underpinning from the world of psychology, business, and mindfulness to encourage leaders to connect to their more feminine super powers: be courageous, lead from their heart, and Dare to Lead (more) Like a Girl.


Dalia Feldheim:

Dalia Feldheim spent 17 years at Procter & Gamble, where she led some of the world’s most successful brand-building campaigns including the iconic Always “#LikeAGirl”, Tampax “Mother Nature” and Whisper “Touch the pickle” all Cannes advertising award winners. Later appointed Chief Marketing Officer for Electrolux Asia, she led a transformational change program that won the first ever Effie award for business results and creativity and turned the region around into a Best-In-Class consumer and digital-centric organization. Passionate about women empowerment, while at P&G she founded P&G’s Russia Women’s Network, and later did the same in Singapore. In 2018, Dalia established her own Leadership Consultancy (Flow Leadership Consulting) and turned her attention full time to her passion for supporting leaders to impact change with greater purpose, joy, and mindful flow. Dalia is a sought-after global speaker (Including TEDx) and her clients include multinationals like Google, FB, LinkedIn, Netflix, Microsoft and others. Dalia is an adjunct professor for Happiness at Work at SMU (Singapore Management University). She splits her time between Singapore and Israel.