The Money Edit

The Money Edit

Your no blame, no shame guide to taking control of your money

Makala Green


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Money is a foundation of life, it impacts almost all of our choices, whether it's what to have for lunch or when we will retire - so why don't we like talking about it?

Money is complicated, or at least it seems complicated. From ISAs to pensions and debt to tax, money management feels like a mine-field, but it doesn't need to be. Makala Green, a financial expert, The UK's first black female chartered financial expert, a businesswoman and a speaker and wealth coach with over 17 years' experience has spent years learning about the different aspects of the financial world. Here, she shares all her knowledge to help us break down barriers and gain financial freedom.

The Money Edit is a no-jargon, straight-talking guide, giving us the confidence and clarity to understand money and help us make the right choices - no matter what life stage we are at. Makala busts money-myth after myth and shows us how to:
1. Cultivate a money mindset
2. Address difficult conversations about money
3. Track income and expenses and learn how to budget
4. Start saving and plan for the future
5. Get on the property ladder
6. Adapt when financial circumstances change

No matter your background, upbringing or circumstances, The Money Edit is a simple approach with plenty of real-life examples, checklists, planning tools and resources to get you started. Makala is here to make you feel positive, confident and in control when it comes to money.


Makala Green:

Makala Green is a financial expert, businesswoman, speaker and wealth coach. She has over 17 years' experience financially transforming individuals and businesses across a diverse sector of money management, investment planning and property acquisition.

She is the founder of Green Wealth Planning and 'The Wealth Check', a platform created to help make wealth simple and give people the tools they need to confidently take control of their finances and plan their financial journey. She also consults for multi-million pound companies such as Waitrose, John Lewis and Metro Bank.