Mero's Pieces

Mero's Pieces

Gumero Grisby


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This book is Inspired from the upbringing of my mother and father, Bernice Grisby and Gilbert Brooks. Who instilled in me that its best to be yourself and say what mean and mean what you say. Also, and always know that God is good and gracious and there even when your decisions leave you from his presence. With this book I believe that my writings (Pieces) are blessings from God and that is elaborated thru each situation to be shared with everyone so that we all can take knowledge of my writer's delight. I believe that everyone Perception of Life is different and we’re all living Life and have understanding of what we want and thrive for our lives to be. I believe if its words, writings, rapping, singing, teaching their all connected to our life’s Pieces to describe our talents and show our different characteristics of Life. Realize and learn with what’s my Pieces of Life and realize and learn what your Pieces of Life are, with God and different forms of ways to express your gratitude for being able to multiply your talents, and put your Pieces to your life’s Puzzle together. Because we’re all one puzzle Piece by Piece. Hopefully you can find and understand the place for your Pieces of your life.