Marketing that Moves People

Marketing that Moves People

How real estate agents can build a brand, find fans, land leads, and communicate convincingly

Shelley Zavitz


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It’s time to find your marketing rhythm! Most real estate agents struggle with marketing. After all, we sell homes. There’s no reason selling our services should come naturally. Shortcuts won’t cut it: purchased leads often lead to random results. Meanwhile, gimmicks get old, and shouting about success turns out to be one of the least successful things you can do. But there is a way to build a loyal, passionate, and constantly growing group of clients who can be the basis of a flourishing real estate business in any market. You will even see high-quality leads brought to you - for free. The secret lies in an authentic, empathic, and creative approach that any real estate agent can adopt and get results with. It’s based on proven marketing and copywriting principles that have stood the test of time. And it’s an enjoyable and engaging process that will not only set you apart from your competitors but make you a better Realtor® in the process. Author and Realtor® Shelley Zavitz got thrown into the marketing deep end at the start of her first award-winning career, in radio. By the time she took up real estate, she had pieced together the down-to-earth system for success revealed for the first time in this book. With a little help from the musical megastars who inspired Shelley along the way, Marketing That Moves People is your number-one guide to cutting through the clutter and standing out in the ways that really matter to those you seek to serve.


Shelley Zavitz:
Shelley Zavitz is a successful real estate agent working in Portland, Oregon. With an award-winning background in commercial copywriting and brand building (including working for Virgin Radio), Shelley started relatively late in real estate. But by applying her extensive branding experience - as well as learning the ropes the hard way - she has become a dramatic success story. Knowing how hard and confusing it can be for those just starting out in real estate to actually turn their license into a profitable business, Shelley is now dedicated to helping others successfully make the same journey she did. Your First 365 Days in Real Estate is her first book. Born in Canada, Shelley lives in Portland with her family.